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Oct 28 '12

NWA Screws NWA

Last night was the final match in the Seven Levels of Hate series between Colt Cabana and NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pierce. This series was to be the end of the feud between the two and it was. But what should have been a great celebrated end to a great feud turned bittersweet. Before the match the NWA Board told Pierce that the final match was to be a non-title match when every match in the series prior was a title match.

After the match both Pierce tried to hand over the NWA Title to Cabana as Cabana was the winner, but Cabana refused due to the decision by the NWA Board to change the match at last minute. With Colt not accepting the NWA Title and Pierce keeping his word that if he didn’t win the series he leave the NWA forever. Pierce had no other choice than to vacate the championship.

This is a position that the NWA does not want to be in. After both Pierce and Cabana have worked very hard the bring recognition back to the company without the use of popular territory they go had pull a stunt like this. In which is very bad for the company because not to many wrestler or promotions would want to deal the company because of their crude politics, but it also damages their reputation especially when they are on a recovery to being important once again the wrestling world.